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The sole aim of the Total Quality Control System is to ensure that the final product not only meets but exceeds the demands of the customer and the industry standards.

Reliable quality demands the most stringent production controls & testing. The company maintains well equipped test facilities to carry out continuous testing on all incoming, in-process and finished products. The sourcing of all inputs is closely monitored at the topmost level. All raw materials are procured only from select few approved suppliers to maintain consistently high quality. All incoming materials are thoroughly inspected and only after approval they are issued to the individual departments for further processing.

Systematic testing and quality checks are carried throughout the manufacturing process and thereafter, to ensure that the final product conforms to the most demanding specifications. Absolutely no compromise on quality is our underlying rule for all co-workers and a guarantee for our customers. The company ensures that every product manufactured is subjected to thorough testing in accordance with QA plan. Only after it has been fully approved by our inspecting engineers does the product leave the plant.

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